The stunning gown beautifully hanging in the middle of the thick bush.2

At the groom’s place, the mood was calm. Amani was all smiles as he got ready.3

“Wishing you all the best my daughter”4

And we are ready to go….5

Amani had to come pick his bride, the joy on his face was evident.6

Orange color always brightens up everything. The ladies were all amazing. 7

Time for some Coastal dance…Amani’s family were all excited as well for the wonderful gift.8

Amani walked in style, accompanied by his best man.910

Joy looked amazing as she walked down the aisle accompanied by her parents.12

Rings were exchanged….14

And this amazing union was signed into law.1516

What a joy when two become one. God bless your union.17-2

And congratulatory messages came from all over.17

Time for some off-location photos…and the team was so vibrant.18

The gentlemen….so sharp.19

The girls…so beautifully relaxed.20

“Selfie time”21

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved.” Joy was peaceful to this statement.22

And they had an amazing best couple…Clearly, worth following their footsteps.23

They are simply amazing.24

“There is no way am letting you go” Amani assured Joy.25

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.26

Following keenly in the footsteps of their new parents.27

“She is just adorable” Amani seems to be thinking.img_0520

Back to the reception and ready for some good Coastal & Western dances.img_0538img_0544

The reception ground was lit….img_0583

Amani had to show Joy how to get down…img_0701

After such moves….A good lunch is all they would need.img_0804

And cake time it was….img_0811

Joy will clearly feed Amani very well.img_0821

Champagne was popped…always very dramatic.img_0825img_1608

The dancing was too good to end.img_1672img_1796

“We say thank you for standing with us.”img_1806img_1925

They were victorious and they were “awarded”…img_1931

This was with no doubt a fun-filled wedding. We wish you more joy & peace in your marriage friends. The Lord bless you with many years together.

More blog updates to come…..Stay tuned!!