Three months ago, we had the privilege to cover Paula & Peter’s wedding. This is such a beautiful love story of two medics. So much in love and the radiance on their faces made the day so amazingly beautiful.

1st Corinthians 13:4-7 is totally applicable with this amazing couple.

Below is a sneak preview of how the day went down.  Enjoy!!!


Beautiful bride of the day looking so energetic and ready.img_7437

Make-up was done so perfectly, and the stylist did a great job as well.img_7518

Anxiously waiting….img_7548

Mom and daughter moments. Very amazing ladies.img_7571img_7755

Peter could not hold his joy. It was indeed a dream come true, watching his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.img_7760

“A very fulfilling feeling to see a daughter you brought up, walk down the aisle”. Rev. Masinde was a happy man.img_7768

The moment everyone had been waiting for. Paula walked down the aisle accompanied by her parents.img_7869

The joy was evident…img_7909

She is the one, looking so amazing….


“With this ring, i thee wed”.img_7960

Before men and before God, two became one. What a glorious moment.img_7971

“Finally Mrs. Mutara, we thank you God.”img_7978

And they signed the union into law.img_7985img_8001

What a joy to behold. Paula & Peter are amazing people.


Time for the word as we thank God for His faithfulness.img_8078

Members of the clergy declared their blessings upon these young ones.img_8119

Two families had become one. Love is indeed a beautiful thing.img_8245

If given a chance, i would write a story about Paula’s girls. So amazing, full of life and supportive to their friend. This made my job so easy. Beautiful beautiful!!img_8267

The groomsmen were not left behind either.img_8280

“She is finally mine” The men were so excited as well.img_8285

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”img_8291

Love is truly like the wind, you cannot see it but you feel it.


This was one of my best shots. Simply amazing.


The love was evident…We wish you well friends.img_8342

“I will cherish you all the days of our lives my queen, this is my solemn vow”.img_8385

The ladies looked amazing, the amazing maid of honor was supportive all through.img_8454

Their poses were so on point. Lovely indeed.img_8477

The best couple could not be left behind either. A good example to follow.img_8513

Back from the photo shoot and ready for some dance.


Observing keenly. “Congrats auntie Paula”img_8609

The reception ground was such a big celebration.


Paula & Peter are great dancers, and they enjoyed to the fullest.img_8748

Advice from mummy…..Paula & Peter are a blessed people.img_8818img_8916

Cake time….!!img_8924

When a Clinical officer and a Medical Representative meet, the theme has to be unique. This was creativity at its best.img_8938

Peter’s family got assured that their son will be well taken care of.img_8944

Peter was not left behind either, he proved that he shall equally take good care of the amazing bride.img_8979

Time to know who is next….But unfortunately the girls fought for the bouquet and it had to be a spoilt vote.

Thank you Peter and Paula for allowing us to preserve moments of one of your most important days. May God continue to bless your marriage exceedingly.

God bless you.