Traveling is something we both enjoy and taking a few days off to enjoy the countryside is usually very welcome. After considering the Coast of Kenya and the Masai Mara, we finally decided to head west and explore the beautiful countryside of Western Kenya. Home to the expansive Lake Victoria, it is actually believed that the best fish in the world comes from here.  It was a time to explore, travel and just relax out of the busy city of Nairobi. And so we began the preparations to leave. The joy was evident and we were both looking forward for the holiday. My best friend, Triza, was very excited to finally get a break off work. Deep in my head, something kept bothering me. Neatly tucked in one of the corners of the car was a beautiful engagement ring that only me knew about. As we began our road trip, I prayed to God to grant us a safe travel and give us the best time together. Silently I also asked Him to give me the best time and spot and indeed an answer to a question that has been bothering me for a very long time…

img_0038Our first stop was in Kisumu town, the cool and serene Kogelo villas presented just a beautiful welcome.

img_0044Lwang’ni beach, the greatest tourist attraction site in this Lakeside city was bubbling with activity. Dr. Justo Ajuoga was a very good host. Thanks bro.

img_0053She’s always so stunningly beautiful.

img_0063When you sit down to enjoy a plate of Tilapia fish overlayed with greens accompanied by Obusuma on the side, then you are ready to face whatever life brings your way. img_0068

And she enjoyed to the last bone; actually demolishing the engine heartily. img_0083


img_0132It was then time to continue with our journey and the great rock of the first wife, the crying stone, ‘Kit Mikai’ was to be the next stop over.img_0145

img_0150The humongous rock, standing tall in this great village habours beautiful historyimg_0157

The little rocks surrounding Kit Mikai form a very beautiful landscape.img_0161

The place was so captivating that we didn’t notice time flying away. Consequently we missed the last ferry to cross over to the other side of the lake.img_0185 img_0195

Luanda Kotieno is such a nice beautiful town full of friendly people.img_0218

The evening clouds over the Lake is such a lovely sight to behold.img_0248

It was there at dusk that my fishing skills became evident.img_0269


The morning usually brings with it hope, peace, love and joy. As sure as the sun rises, I was surely going to experience all this on this day.img_0282



The lake is just so calm in the morning.


img_0319The ferry ride was very enjoyable. This provides a very easy means of transport from Luanda Kotieno to Mbita town.



img_0362Triza’s face exuded joy and peace even over the calm waters.


img_0377This was a beautiful moment to enjoy selfies with my darling.



img_0409Looking straight ahead, looking back smiling; it was a beautiful day.

img_0428The view of Mbita town from the Ferry was spectacular.

Once in Mbita, We quickly drove off to the Rusinga Island, a very beautiful Island right inside the lake but joined to the mainland via a bridge. This Island is home to one of the greatest Kenyan sons to ever have lived; Tom Mboya.img_0450


At the Tom Mboya Mausoleum, we learnt so much from this hero. We were so grateful to have met his brother Paul Ndiege.img_0485


“Go and fight like this man who fought for mankind’s cause, who died because he fought whose battles are still unwon.”img_0493

img_0514Inspired and challenged by the life of this great leader.

img_0552Tucked inside this beautiful Island is a heaven on earth place. Rusinga Island Lodge is just breathtakingly beautiful. A place of infinite beauty to calm the mind and rejuvenate the body, Rusinga provides a welcome break before, during or after a rigorous and exciting East African safari. img_0567Exuding an atmosphere of serene tranquility, Rusinga’s manicured lawns stretch to Lake Victoria’s edge. Peace and calm usually has a beautiful way of blending with joy and love.img_0571


The breath of the lake usually goes deep to the soul. The spectacular view of the expanse of the waters bringing a connection between man and His Creator, Yahweh, the creator of the Universe. It was His spoken Word that brought all this into existence. He said, ‘Let there be….’ and it was. img_0587And it was with great faith that I went down to my knees, not one but two. Looking down straight at this beautiful soul that I’ve come to love so much; and with calm in my voice and faith in my words, knowing so well the Power in the spoken word asked, ‘Triza Wamaitha, will you marry me?’

img_0588The peace and joy that accompanied the tears and then the warmest hug that came after was just enough to say it all.


And what’s more, she affirmed this by speaking those three powerful words; ‘Yes I will.’ And quickly added, ‘I will marry you John.’

img_0603And this was the most wonderful moment in my life.

The glittering ring securely on her hand. It was a beautiful ‘Mission accomplished’.

img_0610God had just granted me the love of my life. img_0614Staring at life together, loving you more and more everyday. This indeed is my prayer.

img_0618It’s so amazing how when our hearts are overjoyed, a song and dance just springs out.

img_0621What was so evident in all this is that she had no idea whatsoever of this. I was overly excited that all this was a surprise to her and I thank God for granting me a perfect answer through a ‘BIG YEEEEES.’img_0633

img_0642Sitting side by side, it was a momentous day.


img_0650We had to write a note of thanks to the management of this awesome place.We are forever grateful. I thank God so much for your hospitality.

img_0690Under this tree, believed to be 365 years old, we posed for a photo and prayed to God to grant us a long blissful life.img_0694Rusinga’s grounds, with its exotic trees, are haven for a myriad of bird species – many of which are unique to this small corner of Kenya. img_0701And YES. She said a YES.


img_0724Looking at a beautiful future together. It was a perfect start to our LOVE STORY. My fiance, my future wife, my best friend forever. May Jehovah bless us immensely.


img_0749On our way back, we stopped to enjoy great views of Kenya. This indeed is a beautiful country and we enjoy to travel all over it #tembeakenya



img_0772This was indeed the best holiday of our lives. We are just overwhelmed by His Grace.

Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now I am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

We just love the way God allowed this to unfold, we are so grateful to the friendships we made along the way.

We traveled the two of us but we met friends who spared their time, resources, knowledge and photography skills to make sure that the record of this day is preserved for the future generations. To our great photographers:

-Dr. Justus Omondi, Mr. Paul Ndiege and many others, we thank God so much for you.

And to the management of Rusinga Island Lodge,, we are indeed so grateful for the great hospitality.

To our brother Paul Ndiege, thanks for becoming part of us even as we begin this journey. We pray for many more years to know each other more and more. Thanks for allowing me to share with you my vision and for helping me immensely to execute it even much better than I thought. May the TOM MBOYA MAUSOLEUM continue to educate and inspire many more generations to go out and fight for worthy causes for betterment of mankind.

And now to my BRIDE to be;

May God teach me to Love you, Just as Christ loves the Church,

May this holiday, as it was, a journey through the countryside,

Always bring joy, hope, faith and love to our being.

May the ring on your finger, always be a great reminder to our approaching wedding.

I Love you so much, and always will.

May God grant us a beautiful marriage and life together.

Wedding Date: January 28th, 2017.

You are all welcome.

Till next time, thanks so much for the read.