We met Lisa and James through our friends (Sam & Bella) whom we had covered their wedding earlier. Lisa and James have a very beautiful story and very kind hearts. The two families were looking forward to this special day and when it came to pass, they all came, young and old to witness this beautiful ceremony. The ceremony went on at Thomas Barnados and it was lovely. It was a joy preserving these precious memories and we thank God each and every time we are of service to His people.

aThe morning preparations all began in earnest.

IMG_0441The gents were all full of joy as they tossed to years of great marriage.

IMG_0455And even as James made a phone call, the discussions were heated.


And the bridal machine was all done and waiting.


A piece of advice from the best man.

IMG_7508And the discussions went on and on.

IMG_7463Everyone was eager to get a shot of the bride as she approached the alter.

IMG_7534Lisa came walking down the red carpeted aisle.

IMG_7551James couldn’t hide his joy as he watched her approach.

IMG_7571And the parents were so happy to shake hands in harmony.


IMG_7689It was a joy unveiling her bride.

IMG_7740And even so as the gold ring slid onto the finger.

IMG_7803A marriage founded on knees is sure to last forever.IMG_7827

They blocked the first kiss from everyone’s’ view.

IMG_8001And the best couple were just so overjoyed.IMG_8070

The recession dance was so engaging as the put their best feet forward.


The ladies and gentlemen were all looking sharp.bIndeed, congratulations guys.

IMG_8107IMG_8112The bridal team were all looking sharp. IMG_8145May God bless you with as many children.IMG_8215

The ladies couldn’t help but admire her beautiful ring.IMG_8263IMG_8269

The love between this couple is just so evident. May God bless you guys.IMG_8310IMG_8324

Holding together and looking into each other.

IMG_8401A selfie for the whole bridal team.


Going forward holding together.


And the reception dance was super as everyone sweated along.


The time to cut the cake came and it was indeed sweet.


And finally, we needed to know whose wedding we are attending next.

We are grateful to God to have covered this wedding video and photography. Congratulations Lisa and James, may Jehovah bless you marriage.