I met Kipchumba back in campus and we’ve been friends since then. A soft spoken, quite and humble mathematician; Bernard is a great guy. While chatting online one day, he mentioned to me that he’s met the love of his life and would be traveling back home for the Koito and thereafter a wedding. It was an honour to be part of this and a privilege to preserve all these precious memories of my friends. Sharon is such a lovely adorable lady and am happy for these guys to have met each other. We pray that the Lord will bless you as you begin this new family. All the best friends.

The day was a beautiful one deep in the green city of Eldoret right in the middle of the Great Rift Valley. Below is a sneak preview of how the day went down .

IMG_5341The bride excited about the day ahead.


The amazing Best lady, Mrs. Gero observing keenly as her daughter gets prepared.IMG_5381

The bridal car beautifully decorated.IMG_5473

And the ladies were so much on point. Excited for one of them.IMG_5498

And very photogenic indeed….IMG_5503

A kiss of love to their girlfriend…IMG_5553

Everyone was happy…The smiles told it allIMG_5609

A selfie now with this great team…AmazingIMG_5636

Ready for the day…Sharon was so excitedIMG_5645

The groom looking sharp and ready for the day.IMG_5743

Eagerly waiting for his beloved.


Sharon was all smiles….Thanking God that the day had finally reached.IMG_6088

Looking back, we thank God for His faithfulness.IMG_6095

“The only magic i still believe in is love” Sharon seems to be whispering.IMG_6102

And in the middle of the beautiful garden, Sharon & Kip stood out. A great couple indeed.IMG_6117

The gentlemen were looking sharp. IMG_6125

Our best foot forward.IMG_6127 IMG_6136

A low angle shot to compliment this pose was all we needed.


To all the single men,bye bye.IMG_6180 IMG_6195

The choice of colours was so on point,blended well with nature. Beautiful,amazing.IMG_6205 IMG_6256

The lovely best couple,so happy for their children.IMG_6262

We cant help but stare,the couple is so lovely.


I have found the one whom my soul loves.IMG_6275

“You are the finest,loveliest,tenderest and most amazing person i have ever known”.IMG_6282

“Please take good care of our girl Sharon”IMG_6310

The ring so amazing. God bless your marriage Sharon.IMG_6314

Lovely team,great smiles.IMG_6319 IMG_6332

IMG_6340 IMG_6351

May you be blessed with as many as these.IMG_6362

African beauty as the maid of honor ensures that all is well.IMG_6369When its over, i want to say: all my life i was a bride married to amazement.

IMG_6373Behold, i have received the one i waited for,until it was time.


Aaaaw the girl blushing..IMG_6395

If i know what love is, it is because of you.IMG_6398

Laughter is holier than piety,freedom is sweeter than fame and in the end,its love and love alone that really matters.IMG_6408

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering..IMG_6412 IMG_6464

Love is indeed a great thing. A new family was formed. IMG_6473

“Respect your husband my child,and submit to him” words of wisdom from mummy.IMG_6481

“Congrats man!! Love your wife,is all i can add” The amazing Mr. Gero was not left behind either.IMG_6489

Congrats friends. The message came from all over.IMG_6513

And two shall become one. We thank God for the greatest gift of friendship.IMG_6518 IMG_6543 IMG_6550

And back to the reception,energized to dance to the tunes.IMG_6630 IMG_6717

And we pop the champagne to make a toast to the Lord’s doing.IMG_6778

Friends came in numbers just to wish these lovely ones a very best in life.IMG_6796

Parents blessed them with precious giftsIMG_6799 IMG_6854 IMG_6897

Lets see who is next in lineIMG_61860When its all over, i want to say i was the bridegroom taking the world in my arms.

We thank God for the chance to preserve yet another love story. Until next time, God bless.