We met Dan and Rita at their friends wedding we were photographing last year. Actually Dan proposed to Rita on that beautiful day and she said yes. Theirs has been a beautiful journey and we thank God we have been part of this great couple to preserve their day in beautiful memories. Below is a sneak preview of their wedding day.wedding 1Every morning when she wakes up, she has to do cleaning. Her wedding day was no exception.wedding 2

The bride looked stunning carrying her gown in the garden.wedding 3

A selfie will just do the trick.wedding 4

The beauty in the little details.

wedding 5

Mom and daughter sharing lovely momentswedding 6

At the winding staircase, we paused for a photo.wedding 7

As we went down, she held the rings in her hands.wedding 8

The bridal party was ready and looking stunningly beautiful.wedding 9

And now it was time to cast the lots.wedding 10

And off we go to Church.wedding 11

When the bridal party line up, making way for the bride and her parents to walk down the aisle.wedding 12

In this song, Jackie outdid all of them.wedding 13

The parents shaking hands. Down to serious business.wedding 14

The best couple did an awesome work.wedding 15

And a bit of muchene!wedding 16

I want to rest here.wedding 17

As we hold tight on each other.wedding 18

Dan must have been inspecting something on the feet.wedding 19

The smile so beautiful.wedding 20

Pokea! wedding 21

The gentlemen sharing light moments with the couple.wedding 22

Serious smart people.wedding 23

The bridal party was awesome.wedding 24

Just holding hands together.wedding 25

And then showing them legs or  shoes.wedding 26

Beautiful, beautiful bridal party.wedding 27

When we got back, everyone was waiting.wedding 28

And the cake was ready. wedding 30

And now off to some classical evening shots.wedding 32And till then, it is a good bye. All the best Dan and Rita.

Have the best marriage.