We thank God for each and every opportunity that we get to capture the beautiful smiles of people as they celebrate love. For this wedding, we travelled upto the land of Kakamega in the western part of Kenya. June and Gideon are such a wonderful couple and from the day I met them, I knew for sure that I would enjoy photographing their love story. The day went on so well, we enjoyed the energy, the joy, the laughter and the love. Here is a sneak preview of this wonderful day.wedding 1

The day has just began and everything must be checked.wedding2

Something for the stomach, the day ahead is gonna be long.wedding3

Let me help you here.wedding4

The beauty behind the gown. Let’s get ready for this.

IMG_8625And the make up artist was on her job.


‘Morning Darling’, Gideon checking up on her bride.wedding5aThe home was cool and quiet. Guests have started to arrive for the big day.

IMG_5850The ride was outside waiting

wedding6Mamas’ love. Amazing love from Junes’ parents.


Daddy’s girl.wedding7aHaving got to church earlier, Giddy just can’t wait for the day to begin.

IMG_6054Finally she came walking in, accompanied by her parents

IMG_6450And remember, we are in Kakamega, Maua ni lazima.


Let me give you a hand darling.


Marching forward in love.wedding10And looking back, we thank God.

IMG_9366The look that tells it all.


The gentlemen were just so eager to try their new shoes on Giddy.wedding12

Such an admirable couple.wedding13 The groom just can’t help but to show off his bling. ‘Am taken’, he must be saying.wedding14Best foot forward as they offered a wall of protection around June.


She stands out.wedding16 A pose with the ladies.


As they admired the beautiful bride.wedding18

Best foot forward.wedding19 The bride looking all so lovely.


He sister couldn’t hide all her joy.wedding21

And now for the first kiss!wedding22

And then a peck.wedding23 Let me hold like this forever

wedding24 Each and every day, I will love you.

wedding25 With these rings, I give you my promise.

wedding26 June looking dazzlingly beautiful.

wedding27 The look that melted his heart.

wedding28 And besides the stillness of nature they rested.


And they were glad for the beautiful day it has been.


Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord.


Through the ages and in all seasons, I’ll cherish you


As we laugh our way into years of bliss.


And Mr & Mrs Gorvernor also graced the occasion.


They danced and danced and sang their hearts out.

IMG_7063And the parents danced and sang their hearts out


The cake was so beautiful.wedding36

Off we go. Thank you so much for attending.