‘Hey, what drug works best for that condition?'” Beda asks.

When you marry a doctor, expect such questions. Luckily for Beda and Violet, the answer will be at their fingertips for each other. It was a beautiful ceremony when these two amazing people promised their love to each other. May God Bless your union friends.

Wedding 1

The rings …. check.♥

Wedding 3

Beautiful bride of the day excitedly getting ready.Wedding4

An aerial shot of the bridal cars beautifully decoratedWedding5

Thank you Lord for making this day come to be. We commit ourselves to you,grant us a beautiful day. Amen!!


And the riders were set and excited to escort the bride of the day.Wedding7

Beda all ready to receive the precious gift from the parents.Wedding8

Aaaaw so lovely. We desire one of a kind too….


A bond created,a strong bond indeed.Wedding10

With this ring i take thee….Forever and for always.Wedding11

Thank you Lord, I am finally Mrs.Olabu!!Wedding12

To the single guys….Bye bye,finally taken.Wedding13

The groom’s men looking sharp and excited of course for their friend…Wedding14

Love is a beautiful thing…A gift so perfectWedding15

Congratulations Auntie Violet!!Wedding16

Because am happy….i feel like a superman!!Wedding17

Mine forever.Wedding19

To love and to hold.Wedding20

Forever and for always.Wedding21

Lovely Bridal Team.Wedding22

The ladies looking cute.Wedding23


Round table evening chat.Wedding25 Wedding26

The best of the best. The best couple.Wedding27

They all came to witness their Prof.Wedding28

Come rain or whatever….we danced and celebrated.Wedding29

…and none was left behind.Wedding30The culmination of it all. A beautiful cake.