We are Excited! We are Looking forward.

The weddings calendar begin officially this weekend. We are looking forward to transverse Nairobi county (forming 75% of the weddings we witness) and the rest of the other counties of this great nation. Looking forward to learn different languages, intermingle with different cultures, be welcomed into various homes and be hosted to different meals!

We are looking forward to witness the morning smiles of the bride; the morning anxiety of the groom. The panic phone calls of the best lady and the relaxed face of the best man. We are looking forward to the tears of the brides parents, especially the mother and we are also looking forward to the noisy aunties!

We are looking forward for the demanding aunties….demanding anything from sodas, to Unga, to lessos to mbeca. We are looking forward also to the beautiful rides to the church, the best of the cars, limos and even helicopters. We are looking forward to the look of the priest or the pastor. Knowing so well that the bridal team is late but he still has to finish everything in 1 hr. We are earnestly looking forward to the first kiss….of the couple….at the church.

We are looking forward to the MC….doing his best to keep the 500 people crowd engaged and happy. We are looking to the band and the DJ, making us sway in nostalgia. We are looking forward to the photo-session…the poses and the beauties…the trending styles and the photojournalism. We are looking forward to the lunch…the high table…oh how I love this part.

We are looking forward to the speeches, the gifts and the first dance. We are so looking forward to the cake cutting….oh my! And finally we are looking forward to the throwing of the brides bouquet of flowers and the departure.

And as we pack our cameras and the tripods and the lights into the car and head back home, we go excited for yet another opportunity that the Lord has given us to capture those precious memories for the future generations to watch in awe!

And that’s the reason I love my job. That’s the reason I look forward.
And that’s the reason am excited!