Just as the year was coming to a close, we got this chance to shoot the wedding between Gladys and Felix. On the Sunday of 28th December. This was a beautiful wedding full of colour. The bridal team was looking splendid with each one in a dress of different colour. The couple was so happy and looking forward to start a great life together. They made every effort to get their guests fully entertained. The beauty was captured in the following story!Gladys & Felix 0 Gladys & Felix 7 Gladys & Felix 6 Gladys & Felix 5 Gladys & Felix 4 Gladys & Felix 3 Gladys & Felix 2 Gladys & Felix 1


IMG_5596 IMG_6944 IMG_6920 IMG_6730 IMG_6711 IMG_6707 IMG_6632 IMG_6608 IMG_6589 IMG_6572 IMG_5736 IMG_5648 IMG_5628 IMG_5594 IMG_5543 IMG_5524 Gladys (1) IMG_6527 IMG_6524 IMG_6519 IMG_6515 IMG_6503 IMG_6499 IMG_6486 IMG_6449 IMG_6437 IMG_6428 IMG_6413 IMG_6409 IMG_6383 IMG_6374 IMG_6370 IMG_6362 IMG_6324 IMG_6321 IMG_6311 IMG_6291 IMG_6276 IMG_6192 IMG_5808 IMG_5679 IMG_5662 IMG_5659 IMG_5654 IMG_5648 (2) IMG_5642 IMG_5618 IMG_5604 (2)