In my work as a photographer, I get the rare chance to listen to people as they share with me their stories. I nominate this as the most amazing and loving love story I ever encountered in 2014.

I met Rev. Adera in a wedding where we were doing video and photography. The wedding was, Oscaro, a wedding between Oscar and Carol. He was the officiating pastor. After the wedding ceremony, Rev. Adera walked to me and told me that he really liked the way we did our work and would like to give me some work to do before the end of the year. As it turned out, it was to be his wedding and there began a friendship and thereafter the story.

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The wedding between Rev. Adera and his lovely bride Rosemary was awesome. It had the highest number of attendance than any other wedding we covered in 2014. It was beautiful and lovely.

As it turns out, the Rev was widowed and was getting re-married. He was walked down the isle with his former wife’s parents. The whole wedding was full of lovely stories of both families. The exchange of vows was quite romantic. May God bless this lovely family!