We were very glad for the opportunity to shoot the wedding between Esther and Samson.

This wedding was unique in many ways. The time involved was much. Since the wedding was to be held approximately four hours from Nairobi City where we are located, this meant that our camera crew had to travel just the evening before the wedding.

As per the custom, the bride has to be taken from her parent’s house. This was also a challenge as Esther’s Parents home is approximately 4 hours from where the wedding ceremony was to be held. The couple and their best couple had to be flown by a Helicopter to the wedding venue, in Ewaso Nyiro, all the way from Isinya.

The colour and joy in this wedding was a joy to behold. The Maasai people have mastered the art of celebration and they made this day a great memory for the couple. Below is a chronological view of how it beautifully turned out.


IMG_4277 IMG_4306 IMG_4325 IMG_4336 IMG_4377 IMG_4413 IMG_4444 IMG_4449 IMG_4494 IMG_4529 IMG_4538 IMG_4551 IMG_4690 IMG_4740 IMG_4758 IMG_4904 IMG_4906 IMG_4909 IMG_4912 IMG_4915 IMG_4942 IMG_4952 IMG_4970 IMG_5005 IMG_5006 IMG_5016 IMG_5026 IMG_5029 IMG_5033 IMG_5048 IMG_5061 IMG_5078 IMG_5079 IMG_5089 IMG_5100 IMG_5102 IMG_5125 IMG_5132 IMG_5133 IMG_5137 IMG_5155 IMG_5160 IMG_5185 IMG_5194 IMG_5205 IMG_5208 IMG_5246 IMG_5369 IMG_5388 IMG_5470


Congratulations to Esther and Samson. This was indeed a beautiful day. May God bless your marriage.